Here at Connect To The
Core Inc., we live by our
core values. These
values represent who we
are and what’s important to
us. They tap into the heart
of our business and the
core of our experiences.

Passion and Conviction

We believe that passion and conviction reflects the core of who you are. It’s the place from which you draw meaning, enjoyment and inspiration for yourself and others.


We focus on what’s working and what’s not working rather than what’s right and what’s wrong. This approach of detaching from a prescribed point of view opens up new alternatives and fresh ideas.


We are relentless in our conscious practice of seeing from
others’ perspectives. This is the essence of connection,
which reveals motivations, and enables others to
persuade and influence.


We create partnerships with the intention that everyone we work with is better off as a result of the relationship.
Our goal is that our clients evolve as people and
expand their capabilities.

Honest and direct

We are honest, direct, and open in our communication. This is balanced by our compassion and commitment to making a contribution.

Positive, creative and fun

We create positive environments using unique perspectives that cultivate learning and growth. The outcomes are creativity, productivity and self-expression.

Value and appreciation

We value and appreciate individuality. We guide others to recognize, acknowledge and embrace their distinctiveness.


We operate from the belief that each person has the inherent ability to communicate powerfully.