Teresa Easler’s abilities are independent of industry, circumstance or seemingly unachievable goals; Teresa creates original solutions to complex issues for her clients to achieve their best selves, and achieve business success. Her communication strategies flow from within her with perfect harmony. Her team is there to record every word of gold that pours out of her mouth for her clients, in which her clients turn to her team to say, “Did you get that?”

With a gift for storytelling, Teresa draws in any and every audience that she encounters delivering meaningful value to each individual. Her coaching and leadership as owner and CEO of Connect To The Core both motivates and influences those around her to reach their potential and grow.

Teresa was born and raised in Michigan and lived throughout the US for many years. She currently splits her time between her home in Toronto, Canada and her farm in Northern Michigan.

Teresa Easler can be reached at



Shannon Doyle is the personality and oomph to our team. As soon as she walks in the room you can sense her positive energy. Her smile exudes her confidence and ability to take on any challenge at the drop of a hat. Shannon’s wealth of knowledge and ability to give feedback with no personal agenda has crafted her into an awesome coach.

She is a memorable player in any boardroom with lasting client relationships that date back to the beginning of her employment at Connect To The Core over 10 years ago as Lead Project Manager and Second Coach in command.



Natalie Prochacova is a natural-born organizer who keeps the Connect To The Core team in line through scheduling and connecting us on the daily. Her abilities ensure that our team is always operating smoothly. To a passer-by, client or colleague Natalie appears relaxed, calm and collected like a duck above the water, under the water the duck’s legs tread quickly; this is the type of responsibility and work ethic that she exudes as Connect To The Core’s Administrative Executive.




Haley Lang is a natural leader with an extremely optimistic and goal-oriented view on the future. Her ability to command a situation is beyond her years. She loves to learn and has a watchful eye for details, making her editing and researching skills excel. Haley has a self-confidence that not only radiates from her, but from her work and her judgment leading her to become an irreplaceable asset as a Project Manager and Research Strategist at Connect To The Core.



Bryanna Petrie has a work ethic that matches no other. Her “bring it on” attitude to new challenges and opportunities, regardless of project type, creates client confidence in her abilities. Bryanna develops and strategizes on a comprehensive level, which has led her to become the point-person in several high-level projects early in her career, eventually leading to her current position as Project Manager and Communication Specialist at Connect To The Core. Her keen problem-solving skills and attentiveness maximize and guarantee optimal results for clients.