Your message is ineffective without the right messenger. So many companies are quick to articulate the importance of their product, but forget the needs of their customers, leading to short-term success. Our Encore Presentation Coaching® program will teach you and your team how to design and deliver a presentation that will generate long-term business, attract investors and make you more confident and successful.

With the two-day Encore Presentation Coaching program, you will learn how to become a master communicator. Encore is limited to eight participants to ensure individual needs are met.

We use a blend of video feedback, exercises and one-on-one coaching, with a focus on three specific areas:

Communication Strategy

Presentation Design

Delivery Method

Upon completion of the two-day program, you and your team will:

  • Deliver your message confidently and consistently in a way that is clear, focused, and powerful
  • Receive critical guidance to capture big sales
  • Engage in consultative selling effectively
  • Have a presentation designed and ready-to-go, and an easy-to-use structure for creating future presentations
  • Know how to add life to an existing, tired presentation, or take a standard presentation and make it your own

Next available dates for Encore Presentation Coaching:

Look for our upcoming Encore workshop in 2018