Teresa is an energetic and inspiring individual to work with. Her strength lies in her ability to distill a complicated and often cumbersome message down to a succint and engaging value proposition, and then work with you to present it in a sincere and compelling manner.

Ian Halliday
ARC Business Solutions Inc.

Teresa was hired to help tell a very complicated story to inventors and potential licensing partners. Through Teresa’s excellent work we were able to take a very technically complex gene therapy story and simplify it to a level that the average "man on the street" could readily understand and appreciate. Her insights helped the company frame our message in such a way that it was understandable to a largely non-scientific audience without minimizing the importance and elegance of the technology’s scientific breakthroughs. I’d hire her again in a heart beat!

Doug Kern
VGX Animal Health

She takes your presentation skills to the next level, no matter what level you are at.

Antonio Dos Santos

I would say that the greatest value added is that by the end of the course you realize that you hae what it takes to be a good presenter and you will definitely identify "bad" presenters moving forward!!! You gain a different attitude towards presentations and acquire a greater level of confidence.

Panagiota Danopoulos

I have worked with Teresa Easler on communication strategies and public speaking for a number of years, both in group settings and private sessions. Teresa’s strategy focuses on authenticity, confidence and clarity of message. I am now able to make successful 45 minute presentations to large groups without using notes. I highly recommend Teresa. Her methods produce results and she is a pleasure to work with.

Rich Furmanski
Geneva Investment Management of Chicago, LLC

I have used Teresa twice, once to upgrade my personal communication skills and the other to develop a communication strategy for a new product which our company was launching. Both times I was extremely pleased and would recommend her without hesitation.

David Engel
Innovative Graphics

(The Encore Presentation Coaching Webinar Series) has made a clear difference for me in my presentations and meetings with prospects and customers. Looking back on the sessions and what you shared with us, it has helped me position my correspondence and presentations from a different prospective – more "them" vs "me" centered.

Paul Kling

The greatest value is it’s ability to remove us from a set way of approaching a presentation. This enables us to better analyse what we want to convey in our presentations. Limiting us to time and content = effectiveness.

Pino Bocchino

Allows you to cut through the "noise" and truly work on enhancing your skill set.

Jared Overlee

Teresa has changed the way we speak, write, present, with spectacular results. The Power to Connect has saved us countless hours of time that would have been lost on experimentation. But that’s only a tool. Teresa and her team have the skills to clearly see into the heart and CORE of an organization, and a team, and OPTIMIZE how they communicate their true value to the world. Her process leaves behind a lasting, permanent, clear, repeatable, transferable guide to all future communications. Extremely honouring and valuable.

Jay Paterson
Co-Founder, Empowered Wealth Canada