Encore Communication Virtual Workshop


Our Encore Virtual Workshop consists of six, 2-hour online sessions held over three weeks with Communication Expert Teresa Easler.

We have taken our proven methodology and tools that we teach in our in-person Encore Workshop and re-worked it to create this powerful online series that is coached over a three week period.

During each 2-hour session Teresa will use Connect To The Core materials, tools, exercises, and in-depth discussions to create a course that is rich in content and practical uses.

At the end of each session you will have new tools that you can implement immediately to improve your communication.

Whether it's an email, a speech, a meeting, the re-designing of a website, or a simple conversation, following the Encore Communication Coaching System will yield superior results.

We limit our class sizes so each participant experiences one-on-one coaching and the opportunity to create communication that gets results.

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Create a Powerful Communication Strategy

Become grounded with our unique tool The Power To Connect. Familiarize yourself with THE 8 questions you need to ask yourself before any important communication. Plan out your communication in a way that drowns out all the "noise" that bombards people every single day. Think through your communication so it gives you the ability to influence and persuade your audience and sets you apart from all competition.

Design The Most Effective Communication

Follow our proven methodology to design communication that will allow you to influence and persuade your listener(s) and have them easily follow along every step of the way.







Master Your Delivery

Through individual coaching, learning persuasive delivery techniques, and practice you will be able to master the delivery of your communication. Your "audience" will feel as though you are speaking only to them and you will experience a significant increase in your results.





Meet Your New Presentation Coach

Teresa Easler is a veteran of the communication coaching world, whose abilities are independent of industry, circumstance or seemingly unachievable goals. Teresa creates original solutions to complex issues for her clients to achieve business success and be their best selves. Her communication strategies flow from within her with perfect harmony. With a gift for storytelling, Teresa draws in any and every audience that she encounters delivering meaningful value to each individual. Her coaching and leadership as owner and CEO of Connect To The Core both motivates and influences those around her to reach their potential and grow.

Student Testimonial


SESSION 1: Welcome, Introduction Exercises and The Communication Context™

THE COMMUNICATION CONTEXT™: The underlying premise of all communication is authenticity. Learn how to balance creativity and authenticity to produce a greater connection with the audience and be able to persuade and influence to maximize your results.

SESSION 2: The Power To Connect® Concept and Tools


THE POWER TO CONNECT®: As the foundation of Encore, this powerful segment brings clarity and focus to any communication situation. Participants choose a specific situation or event they’d like to work on and receive the tools and a plan to move forward with confidence.

SESSION 3: Communication Design and Developing Content Ideas


THE COMMUNICATION DESIGN™: Having an audience that is engaged is crucial to any successful communication, yet it can be difficult to achieve. We provide an easy-to-use template to create a structured communication piece that seamlessly weaves together appropriate content elements to make your communication memorable.

SESSION 4: Presenting “Open”


When a presenter starts strong, the rest of the communication has a rock-solid foundation to build on. Learn best practices for the opening section of any delivery to easily and smoothly transition into the body of the presentation. 

Session 4 also covers THE HIGH IMPACT DELIVERY: Delivery techniques that make the content of any communication more powerful and reinforce the presentation’s structure. Learn how to deliver a commanding presentation using techniques that reflect your authentic self.

SESSION 5: The Body of Your Presentation

THE CONFIDENCE BOOSTER™: Participants will apply the theory and practical tools they have learned to a real life communication situation. Practicing and rehearsing with a partner in a virtual breakout session gives participants a unique opportunity to incorporate constructive feedback to further develop their skills before the “final show”.

SESSION 6: Final Show

THE FINAL SHOW: Participants incorporate all of the new skills, tools, and feedback they have received over the course of the previous five sessions and put them to practical use in this final communication to the group.

 THE CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTARY™: Participants are given customized feedback on the delivery of their presentation. This feedback is sent to the participant so they can continually grow and learn.

Feedback and Follow-up: To ensure our participants continue improving after their Encore sessions, we send them materials, including recorded feedback from the coach, their videotaped presentation and other resources.

Encore Online Coaching

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* Our Encore Communication Virtual Workshop takes place on Zoom and is held over three weeks. Here are the upcoming dates:

  • Monday April 5th and Tuesday April 6th
  • Monday April 12th and Tuesday April 13th
  • Monday April 19th and Tuesday April 20th

Sessions are from 10am - 12pm ET 

* All the materials and prep work will be emailed to you in advance. 

* If by any chance you miss a lesson, you'll be emailed the recording. However, we recommend full attendance (if possible) in order to get the most one-on-one coaching value.

* Fee is non-refundable

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