Meet Teresa Easler 


Communication Coach and Business Strategist. Founder and CEO of Connect To The Core Inc. 


Author of The Power To Connect,

Your Guide To Breakthrough Presentations &

The 201 Day Achievement Principle.

Teresa has a gift for helping people step into who they are authentically and communicate from a place of passion, which enables them to reach their goals and then some. She supports you to communicate from the best of who you are in order to inspire others. In other words – real communication, not just data exchange.

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Meet the team

Teresa Easler

Communication Coach and Business Strategist. Founder and CEO of Connect To The Core Inc.

With over 35 years of experience coaching thousands of people, Teresa Easler is THE communication expert who provides the guidance, methodologies and tools you need to make a difference in your confidence and public speaking abilities.

Shannon Doyle

Second Connect To The Core Coach in command, marketing strategist and business coach

She’s worked with entrepreneurs from many different industries and backgrounds and has helped people improve their communication skills alongside Teresa for over 15 years. Shannon helps people expand their business by facilitating the vision, mission, goals, and overall communication of their company. She also works closely with the Connect To The Core team – strategizing and putting plans in place that keep our company on top of it's game. She's best known for her sense of humor, enthusiasm, and the work she does to support our clients and our team to reach their highest potential.

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  • What are the two most important elements to understand about good communication?
  • Why is it so important to have strong communication skills?
  • What are some ways people should never communicate & why?
  • How does procrastination affect people’s communication?
  • What advice would you give to people who have anxiety during conversations or presentations?
  • How do you communicate from a place of authenticity in any situation?
  • How should someone with good communication skills handle someone with poor communication skills?
  • How do you connect with an audience to specifically drive results?
  • What is the Presentation Rockstar Scorecard and how can you leverage those principles to become a more masterful public speaker & presenter? 
  • Other topics: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Company Messaging, Public Speaking, Personal Development, Mindfulness

Did you know that there are 9 common characteristics of highly effective public speakers? That means that any presentation you’ve ever witnessed that made you go, “Wow, I’d like to hear them speak again!” or “I want what they’re selling!” was born out of the highly coveted Presentation Rockstar Checklist and Scorecard, created by Teresa.


This Checklist and Scorecard breaks down the most important areas of your presentation skills, confidence and mindset and shows you where you're experiencing communication blocks. After completing it, you'll have some "Ah hah!" moments and discover which areas of your presentation skills could use some TLC. It also provides you with steps you can take right now to become a better presenter based on your final score.


The best part? Your audience will be granted access to this Checklist and Scorecard - totally free!

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