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Teresa B. Easler

Teresa Easler’s abilities are independent of industry, circumstance or seemingly unachievable goals; Teresa creates original solutions to complex issues for her clients to achieve business success and be their best selves. Her communication strategies flow from within her with perfect harmony. 

With a gift for storytelling, Teresa draws in any and every audience that she encounters delivering meaningful value to each individual. Her coaching and leadership as owner and CEO of Connect To The Core both motivates and influences those around her to reach their potential and grow.

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Shannon Doyle

Shannon Doyle is a communication coach and marketing strategist who has worked extensively with entrepreneurs from many different industries and backgrounds for over 20 years. Working closely with Teresa Easler for over 15 years, Shannon helps people expand their business by facilitating and supporting the vision, mission, goals and overall communication of a company. She works closely with our team, strategizing and putting plans in place that keep Connect To The Core on top of it's game.

Our clients love her sense of humor and enthusiasm as well as the work she does to support their efforts to reach their highest potential.




Rachel Navarro

Rachel joined our team back in September of 2019 as a Social Media Marketing assistant through her internship program at The University of Toronto. Since then, she has evolved into an invaluable member of the team, sharing her insights and executing various strategies for our growing presence online and on social media.

Rachel recently graduated with a degree from the University of Toronto in Communication Technology, Professional Writing and French. She has a bubbly energy about her and loves to learn, consistently bringing new ideas to the team. All of this makes her an asset at Connect To The Core as our Social Media Marketing Strategist and Copywriter.

Learn About Our Core Values Below

These are the values that represent who we are and what's important to us.

"We believe that passion and conviction reflects the core of who you are. It’s the place from which you draw meaning, enjoyment and inspiration for yourself and others."

Passion and Conviction

"We focus on what’s working and what’s not working rather than what’s right and what’s wrong. This approach of detaching from a prescribed point of view opens up new alternatives and fresh ideas."


"We are relentless in our conscious practice of seeing from others’ perspectives. This is the essence of connection, which reveals motivations, and enables others to persuade and influence."


"We create partnerships with the intention that everyone we work with is better off as a result of the relationship. Our goal is that our clients evolve as people and expand their capabilities."


"We are honest, direct and open in our communication. This is balanced by our compassion and commitment to making a contribution. "

Honest & Direct

"We create positive environments using unique perspectives that cultivate learning and growth. The outcomes are creativity, productivity and self-expression."

Positive, Creative & Fun

"We value and appreciate individuality. We guide others to recognize, acknowledge and embrace their distinctiveness. "

Value & Appreciation

"We operate from the belief that each person has the inherent ability to communicate powerfully."


"We practice good manners by doing what we say we are going to do, showing up on time, saying please and thank you, and finishing what we start."

Refer-ability Habits


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