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Communication Coaching and Business Strategy

We are a Toronto-based Communication and Presentation Coaching firm with a passion and commitment to helping corporations and individuals become exceptional communicators.

Drawing from over 30 years of experience spanning a variety of industries in the business and communications sector, Teresa Easler created Connect To The Core.

We are a team of expert communicators that help you move your interactions past the transactional stage, building capability, loyalty and long-term profitable relationships.

It’s difficult to see the intricacies of your business when you’re standing too close. That’s where we come in.

We take away the guesswork and realign your business from a birds-eye-view that takes the entire picture into account.

We make communications easy, simple, repeatable and clear both internally with your team and externally with your clients and prospects.

At Connect To The Core, we simplify your communication. Your customers will understand the core of who you are and what you can offer them. You know your company has a lot to give to the world, and so do we. But if your potential clients aren’t delivered a clear message, your communication and sales fall short.

We believe that good communication shouldn’t be reliant on one person or team member, which is why you need a repeatable and easily-implemented messaging system.

Your team thrives when everyone is given an equal playing field and knows how to communicate effectively. We guide your organization towards that clear messaging path. Not only does this lead to more revenue, it also creates a progressive, positive culture that leads to a lasting company legacy.

We’ve worked with companies and organizations in Real Estate, the Medical and Financial Industries, and beyond. When you work with us, you can feel confident about your business strategy, marketing strategy, and internal and external communication. 

Organizations that work with us come away from our training with well-crafted marketing messages, business strategies that drive results, clear value propositions, and teams that operate seamlessly.

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Our Solutions

Encore Communication Coaching

Encore Communication Coaching is a two-day workshop that focuses on the critical aspects of communication. It provides the methodology, a strong foundation, and all of the tools you need to deliver clearer, more effective communication. Companies leave this workshop with the confidence and capability to easily persuade and influence in a way that drives results.

Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning method is a system for your company and the leaders within it to grow exponentially. Gaining more control of your business takes the right leadership team, goals, effective communication, consistency and accountability. With our guidance, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of areas of improvement for your business. You’ll also learn how to leverage the talent around you to remove the isolation and create certainty in how you achieve extraordinary results.

The Message Blueprint

The Message Blueprint is a two-day working session that uncovers your "secret sauce". Every company and team are unique. The question is, what makes you different from your competition? Our methodology captures the value that you provide and creates the language that expresses that value to better attract clients and drive sales.

Your journey to becoming a better communicator starts now.

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Our Team

Our team at Connect To The Core have been working together for over fifteen years. Together, we have helped hundreds of people and companies better their communication skills and create massive results for their businesses. From the very beginning, we knew it was essential to implement core values that remain at the heart of everything we do. These values have remained consistent and shape how we operate on a daily basis. We believe that passion and conviction reflect the core of who we are, and we’re relentless in our conscious practice of seeing things from others’ perspectives. We create partnerships with the intention that everyone we work with is better off as a result of the relationship. We are honest, direct and open in our communication, both internally and externally. Click to learn more about our company values.

Get To Know Us

"I love working with Teresa Easler because she provided me with strategies and lessons that made the impossible “possible”! Teresa taught me to be more adaptable by giving me the resources and guidance I needed to market myself and pursue a successful game plan! Teresa is inspiring and has a fun personality that makes her great to work with! I highly recommend the Connect To The Core program if you want to sharpen your game! "

Greg Lonsdale
Field Sales Manager, PCNA

"I have been working with Teresa for a few years now. In our time together, Teresa has always been an amazing sounding board whenever I come to her with obstacles or difficulties at work. She always helps me to identify the core issues and then helps me come up with creative solutions to attack them. I know that I can come to her with anything! One of my fondest memories with Teresa is when she was helping me to prepare for a large talk that I was delivering on bias in admissions at a conference in Europe. We practiced several times together in the weeks leading up to the event. Although I am very familiar with public speaking and have been doing it for many years, my sessions with Teresa ultimately helped me take my public speaking abilities to a whole other level. From helping you with your choice of words, to when you pause, Teresa's coaching has helped me deliver my most impactful speeches to date. "

Emilie Cushman
Founder and CEO, Kira Talent

""Connect to the Core and Teresa Easler have been a cornerstone in helping us build/grow our business. As our CEO I have benefited greatly from Teresa’s regular coaching. She has also interacted and helped our senior management team on multiple levels. Additionally, Teresa has a strong core competency in brand building and recognition.""

Paul Massey
CEO, B6 Real Estate

Are You a Presentation Rockstar?

Get your hands on the highly coveted assessment tool that's been used by Communication and Public Speaking Expert, Teresa Easler, for over 15 years to help people achieve communication excellence (aka, Presentation Rockstar status). This scorecard breaks down the most important areas of your presentation skills, confidence and mindset and shows you where you're experiencing communication blocks. You'll have some "Ah hah!" moments and discover which of your presentation skills could use a little TLC. It'll also point you in the right direction with steps you can take right now to become a better presenter based on your final score.

What are you waiting for?

Grab this scorecard today for FREE.

Other Places To Find Teresa

Teresa's Tips

Weekly videos over on YouTube on how to be a better communicator, grow your business, improve relationships and have an extraordinary life.

Truth In High Heels

An interview-style podcast where Teresa Easler speaks to fascinating people from many different areas of business and different points in their lives. Teresa has the innate ability to lead her guests in a discussion that taps into purpose, passion and conviction. Nothing is off limits with Truth in High Heels!

Our Blog

The Truth In High Heels blog covers a variety of topics under the umbrella of communication, business and creating stronger connections in all areas of our lives. More posts to come — stay tuned!


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