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We make communications easy, simple, repeatable, and clear both internally with your team and externally with your clients and prospects.


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It’s difficult to see the intricacies of your business when you’re standing too close. That’s where we come in. We take away the guesswork and realign your business from a birds-eye view that takes the entire picture into account.

We believe that good communication shouldn’t be reliant on one person or team member, which is why you need a repeatable and easily implemented messaging system. 

Your team thrives when everyone is given an equal playing field and knows how to communicate effectively. We guide your organization towards that clear messaging path. Not only does this lead to more revenue – it also creates a progressive, positive culture that leads to a lasting company legacy.

We’ve worked with companies and organizations in Real Estate, the Medical and Financial Industries, and beyond. When you work with us, you can feel confident about your business strategy, marketing strategy, and internal and external communication. 

Organizations that work with us come away from our training with well-crafted marketing messages, business strategies that drive results, clear value propositions, and teams that operate seamlessly.

Our Programs for Communication Excellence

Encore Communication Coaching

We offer Encore as a 2-day in-person workshop and as a six-session virtual workshop held over three weeks. Encore provides the methodology, a strong foundation, and all of the tools you need to deliver clearer, more effective communication. Companies leave this workshop with the confidence and capability to easily persuade and influence in a way that drives results.

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The Message BluePrint

The Message Blueprint is a two-day in-person working session (or eight virtual sessions held over four weeks) that uncovers your "secret sauce". Every company and team are unique. The question is, what makes you different from your competition? Our methodology captures the value that you provide and creates the language that expresses that value to better attract clients and drive sales.

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Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning method is a system for your company and the leaders within it to grow exponentially. Gaining more control of your business takes the right leadership team, goals, effective communication, consistency and accountability. With our guidance, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of areas of improvement for your business. You’ll also learn how to leverage the talent around you to remove the isolation and create certainty in how you achieve extraordinary results.

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The Power To Connect Webinar

The Power To Connect is an eight-step tool that will deepen your ability to set the intention and context of any communication situation, even if you are communicating virtually. If you want to influence, persuade, and be a calming force for your team members, clients and prospects - our Power To Connect webinar presented by Teresa Easler is the tool that will help you achieve that. 

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Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360


Your personal competence and leadership effectiveness within your organization is a function of how you manage your relationships with your boss, peers and direct reports – and, in turn, how they perceive and react to you. The LEA developmental process will show you how you are seen by each of these three groups, and will reflect the different ways you have of behaving with each group. The LEA makes a number of assumptions about leadership:

  • Leaders can rarely be successful alone;
  • Effective leadership is a function of leadership behaviour and its impact on people at all levels;
  • Effective leadership at an organizational level is a function of the relationships and the practices of leaders;
  • Leadership practices at the organizational level are powerful determinants of culture; and
  • There is no right way to lead – effectiveness is a function of the organization’s context, purpose, strategy, culture and the individual’s unique role contribution.

Teresa is a certified coach in providing Kolbe A Index assessment feedback and Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 by MRG.

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Kolbe A Index

There’s a part of the mind that you don’t hear a lot about. It’s what some people call “instincts” or that “gut feeling” when you’re making a decision. Our secret: we know what natural strengths/instincts you were born with and how you can use them to be the most productive, stress-free version of yourself.

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