The Message Blueprint

Our program for communication excellence — for you, your team and your business.
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The Message Blueprint is a unique system that uncovers what makes your company stand out from the competition. After two days of extensive market research and working with our team, you’ll have a unique and repeatable messaging system for your products and services.

We facilitate the creation or refinement of your core values to form the foundation of an emotional connection with your clients. These values lead to discovering Your Promise. Knowing who you want to work with and who you do your best work for is a crucial step in creating true differentiation.

Together, we craft your story your Unique Value Proposition. We then provide the language with scripts as guidelines on how to speak about what you do and who you do it for. This is the beginning of moving your offering out of the pressures of a commodity economy to the scalable competition free economy.

Within two weeks of the session you will receive a “blueprint” from which you’ll adapt and develop content for all of your marketing materials and presentations.

By the end of our process, you and your entire team will have a full understanding of all the touch points with clients and prospects with the value and experience to be created each step of the way.

Core Values & One Word Brand Promise

This gets to the centre of who you are and acts as a foundation for all internal and external messaging.

Your Value Proposition

What you offer and what sets you apart from the competitors.

Your Company Advantage

Our three-step program for success.

You and your company deserve the Connect To The Core advantage. Ready to become an exceptional communicator?


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