Digital Courses


Get coached by Teresa through our series of 3 digital & live courses


Digital Courses


Get coached by Teresa through our series of digital & live courses


Below is our complete series of courses containing all of the best-kept communication and public speaking secrets, lead by your Communication Coach, Teresa Easler.


These courses have been designed in sequence, beginning with Become a Communication Rockstar all the way to Encore Communication Coaching. We recommend following that order so you can achieve the best results possible. With that said, each program below is unique and focuses on different areas within communication. So, you can also pick the course that speaks most to you and where you're at in your communication journey. 

Become an exceptional communicator


Whether you're speaking to an audience of 5,000 people or 1 person, there are fundamental principles that are consistent. These courses will help you lay the foundation for strong communication.

Become a Communication Rockstar Online Learning

After observing hundreds of presentations over the years, it became clear that there was a consistency with those who are already Communication Rockstars. Specifically, 9 areas they all excel in. And the good news is that anyone can apply these characteristics to their own lives.

In this online course, you’ll be guided through each of these areas and get support in understanding what stage you’re at and how you can improve your score immediately. 

This Online Program contains 13 information-dense modules with quick, actionable tips. You can deep dive into this course in a single afternoon and begin improving your presentation skills right away. How awesome is that?

Regular $163 - Right Now: $19

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Become an exceptional presenter


These courses will help you dive into the nitty gritty of how to deliver succesful and impactful presentations. You'll learn how to own the room, communicate from a place of authenticity and feel confident in your message.

How To Deliver a Kick-Ass Presentation Digital Course

It's time to deliver a presentation that gets you results by learning the techniques used by the world’s top presenters.

Through these 7 video modules, you’ll begin to understand that everyone has the potential to deliver a kick-ass presentation with the right communication tool belt.

After completing this program, you’ll have all the power and confidence to own any room you walk into, connect with your audience, and achieve any outcome you set out for yourself.

You have the content and you have the ideas. All you need now are some strong delivery techniques to convey your information. This course will help get you there.

Regular $560 - Right Now: $197 

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Encore Communication Coaching LIVE Virtual Workshop

In this live coaching workshop, you’ll learn all of the key elements that go into getting your audience's attention, and more importantly – keeping their attention. 

Our Virtual Encore Program consists of six, powerful two-hour online sessions. You’ll be presented with practical exercises, rich discussions, and real-time feedback on your communication that you can transfer into any post-Encore communication setting.

At the end of each session, you’ll have the tools, resources, and confidence to take on any sales pitch, debate, or conversation. You’ll be challenged, nudged out of your comfort zone in a judgment-free, super-fun environment, and ultimately – get clarity on the power that you hold to influence others and get results.

Regular $2184 - Right Now: $997

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