Teresa B. Easler

Who is Teresa?

For as far back as she can remember Teresa has always been passionate about the power of good communication. In fact, it was an incident that happened in her formative years that truly shaped the trajectory of her life.

When Teresa was in grade school in the late 1950s, she was punished for talking out of turn in class (I know we were shocked too!). The teacher decided that her “punishment” was to be seated next to the only African American child in the class. Teresa certainly didn’t see this as much of a punishment for herself, but even at that young age she was acutely aware of how humiliating this must have been for the other child. That incident was the beginning of her commitment to seeing things from other peoples’ perspectives, and the power of both verbal, and non-verbal communication.

Whether guiding business leaders to reach new heights, coaching individuals to increase results by bettering their presentation skills or mentoring women of all ages, Teresa works with joyful determination to ensure her clients leave their time together challenged, and in an enhanced position to reach their goals. Teresa has found there are certain universal principles that work consistently. “When we communicate from the best of who we are,” she says, “from what’s most important to us, we inspire ourselves and we can inspire others. There’s communication, not just data exchange.”

When we look at the depth and diversity of Teresa’s entrepreneurial experiences, we often joke that it appears she has had many incarnations. She has done everything from running a successful gourmet cheesecake business from her home (yes, she was head baker too!), to running a company that offered high-end video production services to corporate clients. No matter what the business she quickly recognized that her success was rooted in good communication.

After many years of consulting with her corporate clients, Teresa realized companies needed help with their messaging, marketing and overall communication strategy, so she formed Connect To The Core Inc. because she truly believes at the core of all success is great communication, and at the core of all great communication is connection.

It is over 35 years since she started, and Teresa has helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies reach their goals. She is now in her element, creating original solutions to complex issues for her clients to become their best selves and achieve remarkable results.

Teresa was born and raised in Michigan and lived throughout the US for many years. She currently splits her time between her home in Toronto, Canada and her farm in Northern Michigan.

"I Love working with Teresa Easler because she provided me with strategies and lessons that made the impossible “possible” ! Teresa taught me to be more adaptable by giving me the resources and guidance I needed to market myself and pursue a successful game plan! Teresa is inspiring and has a fun personality that makes her great to work with! I highly recommend the Connect To The Core program if you want to sharpen your game! Thank you, Teresa. "

Greg Lonsdale
PCNA Field Sales Manager

"I have been working with Teresa for a few years now. In our time together, Teresa has always been an amazing sounding board whenever I come to her with obstacles or difficulties at work. She always helps me to identify the core issues and then helps me come up with creative solutions to attack them. I know that I can come to her with anything! One of my fondest memories with Teresa is when she was helping me to prepare for a large talk that I was delivering on bias in admissions at a conference in Europe. We practiced several times together in the weeks leading up to the event. Although I am very familiar with public speaking and have been doing it for many years, my sessions with Teresa ultimately helped me take my public speaking abilities to a whole other level. From helping you with your choice of words, to when you pause, Teresa's coaching has helped me deliver my most impactful speeches to date. "

Emilie Cushman
Kira Talent, Founder and CEO

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