What To Do When You Get Nervous While Public Speaking

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2019

Throughout our lives, we’ll be challenged by the skill of public speaking. We see it in classrooms, on television, and on social media. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Many people develop social anxiety when it comes to public speaking. What if you mess up your speech? What if you freeze up?

There are many unfortunate things that can happen when public speaking, which is why I will always stress that you should be as prepared as possible. You may have all your material for your speech or presentation down, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll stay calm and collected when the time comes to deliver it. As someone who has been there, I am here to share my ways to conquer social anxiety when public speaking.

In my recent YouTube video, What to Do if You Get Nervous While Public Speaking, I remember the first time I had to present in a large crowd of roughly two thousand people. I had the classic butterflies in my stomach and felt a swarm of anxiety. But I was able to take that anxiety and look at it in a positive and relieving way.

It was because of my anxiety that I realized I was nervous because I was ready to give it my all. Anxiety is commonly perceived as a negative emotion, but sometimes you’re only anxious because you want to do your best! When it comes to public speaking, you must be confident so that your audience can have confidence in you.

When presenting, you should believe that the audience is on your side. Even if your objective is to convince your audience to root for you, you need to believe in them so that they can believe in what you have to offer. Using a positive outlook, I was able to release those butterflies and deliver a solid presentation. If you do the same, public speaking can be a piece of cake!


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