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Top Four Reasons It Pays To “Delight” Your Clients

Sep 29, 2023

I was recently getting fast food for my children (don’t judge me), and the restaurant made a mistake with my daughter’s meal, usually not a big deal except we didn’t notice until we got home. So, being the great mother that I am (humble brag), I drove back and told them about their mistake. Here comes the annoying part. The woman behind the counter did not apologize, and quite frankly seemed annoyed. She took the “mistake” burger from the box and right in front of me, threw it in the trash. She then begrudgingly handed me the nuggets, again no apology. This person had an opportunity to delight me by simply apologizing and telling me to keep the “mistake” food item instead of wasting it, or even a smile would have been something. This is a place that you may not expect above and beyond service, and the point is still the same. It was a wasted opportunity.

 Often when we look at our ‘client’s journey” we focus on making...

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Embracing The Power Of Vulnerability In Communication

Aug 25, 2023

Standing in front of an audience, with all eyes fixed upon you, can be an incredibly vulnerable experience. The spotlight is on you, and every word you utter, every gesture you make, is under scrutiny or at least it feels that way. It's a situation that can evoke a range of emotions—nervousness, self-doubt, excitement, and even fear. And, within this vulnerability lies an opportunity for growth, empowerment, and a chance to connect with others on a profound level.


The Essence of Vulnerability 

At its core, vulnerability is the willingness to expose one's authentic self, complete with imperfections, fears, and uncertainties. It's about removing the masks we wear to appear strong or flawless, and instead revealing our true emotions and thoughts. This openness may seem intimidating, and it's a powerful act that can lead to deep, personal growth, and more meaningful interactions.


The Fear of Judgment 

The fear of judgment is often at the heart of the...

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The Benefits of a Communication Coach and How to Prepare for Your First Coaching Session

Dec 12, 2021

Have you ever thought about hiring a communication coach? Or wondered how a coach can help you? 

The truth is, nearly everyone can benefit from working with a communication coach. Whether you’re a professional public speaker or just getting started in your career, there are certain elements of speaking that can be improved exponentially with the right observations and strategic feedback.

In this post we’ll cover a bunch of frequently asked questions, like what a communication coach is and what we do, some of the benefits of a coaching relationship (either one on one or in a group setting), and what to know before your first communication coaching session.

Let’s dive in.

What Is a Communication Coach and What Do They Do?

In a nutshell, communication coaches work with people on their communication skills. Sounds obvious, right? Think: presentations, speeches, sales pitches, and even everyday conversations. No matter what type of important communication you have...

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The Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting (7 Questions to Ask Yourself First)

Mar 24, 2021

A few weeks ago, we published a blog called 4 Simple and Effective Ways to Stay on Track with Your New Years Goals. In that blog, we spoke a lot about how to accomplish goals once you have them, and also about how to course-correct if you feel like you’ve been de-railed.

This week, we will introduce a fresh way of looking at goals and provide more insight into the “before” part of goal setting. Specifically, how to make the distinction between goals and tasks. They might appear the same on the surface, yet they’re very different and our recommendation is that you approach them in different ways.

The key attribute that distinguishes a true goal from a task is the emotional connection we have with the result. With goals, we have a deeper emotional connection that inspires us toward achievement. 

As an example, and for the purpose of this blog, I’ll use a “goal” that just about everyone has had at one point or another...

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