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Embracing The Power Of Vulnerability In Communication

Aug 25, 2023

Standing in front of an audience, with all eyes fixed upon you, can be an incredibly vulnerable experience. The spotlight is on you, and every word you utter, every gesture you make, is under scrutiny or at least it feels that way. It's a situation that can evoke a range of emotions—nervousness, self-doubt, excitement, and even fear. And, within this vulnerability lies an opportunity for growth, empowerment, and a chance to connect with others on a profound level.


The Essence of Vulnerability 

At its core, vulnerability is the willingness to expose one's authentic self, complete with imperfections, fears, and uncertainties. It's about removing the masks we wear to appear strong or flawless, and instead revealing our true emotions and thoughts. This openness may seem intimidating, and it's a powerful act that can lead to deep, personal growth, and more meaningful interactions.


The Fear of Judgment 

The fear of judgment is often at the heart of the...

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How to Be a Great Storyteller and Captivate Your Audience

Jan 31, 2022

It won’t come as a shock when I say that stories are one of the most important elements of presentations and communication in general.

They help us connect with our audience, keep them engaged, share parts of ourselves that wouldn’t otherwise be known, be seen as a leader, drive home the points we want to make in our communication, the list goes on.

I happen to come from a long line of storytellers. Growing up visiting my grandparents farm in Michigan, my family members were constantly telling stories to pass the time especially while working, because there were no iPods or anything else to pass the time.

I was enchanted by the stories they would tell. If you’re anything like me at the beginning of my communication journey, I always wondered how to be a great storyteller.

I would hear the word storytelling all the time, and I would listen to my family and friends recount fascinating stories, so I knew that the topic was important. And it was also a challenge to...

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The Benefits of a Communication Coach and How to Prepare for Your First Coaching Session

Dec 12, 2021

Have you ever thought about hiring a communication coach? Or wondered how a coach can help you? 

The truth is, nearly everyone can benefit from working with a communication coach. Whether you’re a professional public speaker or just getting started in your career, there are certain elements of speaking that can be improved exponentially with the right observations and strategic feedback.

In this post we’ll cover a bunch of frequently asked questions, like what a communication coach is and what we do, some of the benefits of a coaching relationship (either one on one or in a group setting), and what to know before your first communication coaching session.

Let’s dive in.

What Is a Communication Coach and What Do They Do?

In a nutshell, communication coaches work with people on their communication skills. Sounds obvious, right? Think: presentations, speeches, sales pitches, and even everyday conversations. No matter what type of important communication you have...

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How to Be a Stronger Listener and Elevate Your Connection With Others

Nov 04, 2021

Listening is essential to strong communication. We know this. And yet so many of us don’t actively work on our listening skills like we do on our verbal communication skills.

In reality, listening is an equally (if not more) important piece of the communication puzzle. When you’re an active listener and are able to effectively understand the other person, ask questions, be interested instead of interesting – you’re well on your way to a successful life and career.

In this blog post I’m going to cover exactly why listening is so important in communication, what listening is and what it is not, the distinction between being interested vs. interesting, and three practical and easy exercises you can start practicing today to elevate your listening skills.

Let’s dive in.

Why listening is so important in communication

You might be thinking, “Okay, I know listening is important, and being a strong communicator and getting my message across...

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10 Easy Ways to Get in Touch With Your Spiritual Side

Oct 06, 2021

Spirituality is a beautiful thing.

It’s also a word that gets thrown around a lot, and I’m a big believer that it can have a different meaning for everyone.

What it means to me is feeling connected to my innermost self, to the world around me, and to a higher purpose.

By that definition, I’ve become more and more spiritual over the years and I can’t tell you how much joy and growth it’s brought into my life. That growth hasn’t always been easy – to be quite frank – it’s been an equally painful and beautiful journey.

Overall though, I’ve found that spirituality has had a multitude of benefits on my health, my relationships, my self-esteem, my business, the list goes on. 

While the topic of spirituality may not be for everyone, the following 10 ways to connect to your spiritual side are amazing things to do. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not, these tips can clear your head, get you focused, and...

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